Huff/Hough Newsletter 


Volume 1, Number 4 - May 15, 1993


Descendants of Michael Hough (Huff)

of Pennsylvania

Michael Hough (Huff), b. c. 1660 or earlier, d. 7/22/1687 - Will, m. c. 1684 Joan Rossell, dau of Francis. She m. 2nd 1694 Thomas Brock


1.Mary b. p. May 1685, Mentioned in Will of Francis Rossell 1695, and in Will of Michael.

2.Michael Jr. b. bet. 1686 & July 1687, d. p. 1763 & aft 1755, m. c. May 1720 Jannet.


1.Mary b. p. 1729, m. c. Apr 1750 ____(?)

2.Jannet b. p. 1734, m. June 1755 _____McCleary

3.Hannah b. (?), Witnessed m. of Rebecca 1763

4.Rebecca b. c. 1742, m. June 1763 Jonathan Edwards, (May have m. (2) ___ Hambleton)

5.Abraham b. p. 1745, Alive in 1807, Moved to Balt. w/Mother 1766

6.Michael b. c. 1743, Single in 1768, Moved to NC in 1770

7.Richard d. July 1807, unmarried, Will contested by bro. Abraham.

8.(Possible) Joseph b. c. 1721, d. Jan 1750 Bensalem, m. c. 1742 Deborah Knight

All of the above names are spelled both Hough and Huff in records, except Hannah (Hough) and Abraham & Richard (both Huff).

From "Hough in Bucks Co.", Pub. By O. L. Hough, 1975.

Another Michael Huff family was in MD at about the same time:

Michael Huff bap. 29 Mar 1714, St Paul's Episcopal Ch., Kent Co., MD as son of John & Hannah (Morgan). D. either Bedford of Washington CO., PA. Md. Elizabeth c. 1715 in MD.

Michael was identified in the John Huff Will to receive 50 acres of land John had bought in 1717 from Thomas Gideons. On 21 Oct 1740, Michael Huff, John Huff, J.S. Calder & Grorge Cooper, Jr. had inventoried John Huff's estate; with Morgan Huff & M. A. Page as appraisers. On 12 Dec 1741, Michael Huff disposed of the 50 acres he had received. Michael on 16 May 1735 witnessed Will of William Bayley of Kent Co. Michael may have left Kent Co. about the time of his father's death, as he does not show up again on records there.

During 1757/58, one Michael Huff served in the French & Indian War in Capt. Norris' and Lt. Richard Well's Company. This unit was recruited in Balt. Co., which then included Harford Co. This Michael, from circumstantial evidence is believed to be the son of Michael & Elizabeth, but this could be wrong. After the War, Richard Well led the move to Western VA, which then included part of present PA.

By 1768, 1769 & 1770, Michael Huff Sr. and Micheal Huff Jr. were with Joseph Doddridge in Bedford and Colerain townships of Bedford Co., PA. Later, some of the sons moved to Washington Co., PA.


1. Michael, Jr. b. Jan 1741 MD. Md. 1761 Hannah Doddridge, dau of Joseph & Mary (Biggs) Doddridge. Their ch. incl. William; Michael; Joseph; Mary; Elizabeth; John; Rebecca; Samuel; and Eleazar. Michael, Jr. lived in Bedford and Washington counties in PA and moved into Ohio when it opened for settlement.

2. John, b. c. 1743 MD; d. c. 1783/84 OH; md. c. 1763 Sarah Elizabeth Doddridge, dau of Joseph & Mary (Biggs) Doddridge and sister of Hannah. John & Mary were moving their family to KY when he was killed by Indians on the Ohio river The family continued on to Hardin County, KY. Their children include: Benjamin; Rueben; Priscilla; Jesse; John; Dorcas; Aaron; and Aquilla. Benjamin md. Mary Hardin and became the first Sheriff of Hardin County. Reuben md. Hannah Shard. Jesse md. Lydia Walker. Aquilla md. Mary Rawnings 8/21/1807.

3. Elijah, appears on Washington Co., PA records along with John and Michael, Jr.

4. Nicholas Hough, appeared on Washington Co., PA records along with John & Michael.

5. There were likely other children, names not now known.

( From the research notes of Granville W. Hough)

I believe the families of Michael, Jr. and Hannah and John and Sarah are well documented. If anyone has anything to add, particularly on the earlier Michael, send it in to the Editor.


From the North Baltimore, OH

"Weekly Beacon"

December 27, 1901

Editor of the Beacon: I was born in Westmoreland Co., PA in the year of 1834 and lived there until 1846 when my parents moved to Hancock County and settled on the farm where my brother John lived, and what is now known as Portage Chapel. We made the trip with four horse wagons and were thirteen days on the road. It was in the fall and in spite of the difficulty encountered on the trip, we had a very pleasant journey. Although I was a mere boy of twelve years, I did nearly all the driving. At that time, checks such as are used now when two horses are used were unknown; and instead, the driver rode the nigh horse of the tongue team - called the saddle horse - and drove the horses ahead with a single line. The off horses of each team were guided by a jockey stick tied from their bit to the hame ring of their mate's harness. The road as far as Van Buren was fairly good, but from there on the road was new and we were often compelled to chop through trees which had been blown across the trail.

Upon arrival, we moved into a log cabin occupied by Abraham Miller and lived in half of this unit until Spring, when we moved into our own cabin which had been erected during the winter. The first season we cleared about acres and put it in wheat, which was nearly all destroyed by the deer. They would come into the field and paw it up just like sheep. If we wanted venison, we would go after them, and if not we would chase them away. The Wyandotte Indians were here when we came, but they were friendly and never bothered us except by their begging. When they came we always gave them what they wanted as a very small quantity would always satisfy them. They had their trails through the woods which were always in the shape of a rail fence. An Indian never turned his head to look back, but always turned his whole body. This zig zag manner of traveling enabled them to watch the trail in the rear without turning around. They always walked in single file with the braves in the lead with nothing but their arms, followed by their squaws who carried all the luggage. The squaws did all the labor in both pitching a camp and breaking up. If a brave killed a dear, he left it lay and his squaw had to go get it and clean and dress it. As the country became more civilized, the Indians would leave and come back to hunt and fish, and finally went and never came back. The Indians could take just so much civilization that is all.

The wolves were also thick and were the most dangerous citizens of the forest to both settlers and their stock. They were also the most dreaded enemy of the deer.

I stayed at home until I was twenty-two, when I married Miss Rebekah Archer and settled at McComb, where we lived for two years when we moved into a cabin we built on Frank Archer's land. Mr Frashier, who was surveying at the time for the B&C induced me to start a sawmill for the purpose of getting out ties for the new railroad. I accordingly moved to the site now occupied by my home and started the mill on ground just east of this. I received 40 cents per tie. The boiler I purchased for the mill was torn down after serving in all a quarter century.

Regardless of the many inconveniences of that time, I would gladly live those days over again. Everybody was a neighbor and good feeling for everybody prevailed.

........... Paul Hough


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Peg Huff; 7830 Starr St.; Lincoln, NE 68505-1966 Line: Silas Huff of Nebraska

Richard L. Huff; 820 Kings Way; Madison, WI 53704-6081. 608-249-0927 Line: JOHN Huff of NY & Fredricktown, OH.

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Kelli Sanders; 11 W. 1780 N.; Orem, UT 84057 801-224-9315 Line: Jemima Huff, Dau of Daniel Huff of NC.

Joann M. Butterbaugh; 4930 N. Grey Mountain Trail; Tucson, AZ 85715 (1408 East St., N. Manchester, IN 46962 after August 1, 1993.)

Marjorie Gray Holden; 312 Anna Ave.; Mountain View, CA 94043 415-967-2074 Line: Sylvanus (1815-1889) & Aurilla Hough of Vt., NY and CA.


Queries and Submissions


Submitted by Ruth L. Dunning; 300 W. Armour, #220; Kansas City, MO 64111. QUERY: Looking for origin of MICHAEL AMOS HUFF; b. 1850, possibly in Danville, IN. Md. Ruth Hadley 4/14/1871. Died 10/12/1920 Holton, KS. His parents were James and Margaret (McKenzie) Huff. Other children were Asbury, Serepta, Libb and Mary.

Submitted By Faye L. Hogan; R.R.2 Box 50; Sherburn, MN 56171.

WILLIAM HUFF b. 1781/82 N Northumberland Co., PA., d. Grundy Co., IL; Md. Ann Barnes (1813/14 PA); L/W Joseph & Sarah Thomas (dau) in 1870, in Grundy Co.,IL

Ch:1. Mary (1813PA-1857); Md. Joseph Thomas

2. Girl (?)

3. Edward D. (b. 1821/22 PA); Md. Rachel; Ch: Phebe, Wm., Samuel, Harriet, Nancy & James. Ref: 1850 Census in Bath Co., OH and 1860 Census - Back to Clinton, Co. PA.

4. Hanson (b. 1822/23 PA); CH: Ellen (b. 1843 PA) & Francis (b. 1845 PA). Ref: L/w Joseph Thomas family (sister Mary) in 1850 Green Co., OH. No other references.

5. William II (b. 1825 Lyc. Co., PA); (d. 1862 in the Civil War). Md. Delilah Smith (b. 1825 OH, d. 1858/59) Ch: William III b. 1845 OH, d. 8/8/1921 Palo Alto Co., Mallard, IA.. Sarah R. b. 1848 Greene Co., OH Md. A. J. Wilson. Ref: 1850 Census Bath Twp, Greene Co., OH. 1860 Census Grundy Co., IL, where William has remarried to: Lovina, b. 1842. They had: George William, b. 3/8/1861.

6. James b. 1829 PA.

7. Louisa b. 1831 PA. Md. John Mann, s/o Robert & Catherine (Klein) of Centre Co., PA.

8. Sarah C. b. 1833 PA, Md. abt 1858 to Joseph Thomas (sister Mary's widower). d. 1873 Grundy Co., IL. Ch: Edward Wm. Thomas b. 1858 IL and Samuel Joseph Thomas b. 1/15/1860, d. 3/19/1917 in Grundy Co., IL

9. Jonathan b. 1835 PA

10. Silas b. 9/24/1837 Clinton Co., PA d. 2/27 1913 in Burchard, Pawnee Co., NE. Served as a Pvt. Co. H, 53rd Regt. , IL Infantry - 3/3/1862 thru 1864. Md. 12/19/69 to Katherine Curtain (1837 Ireland -10/2/1916 NE).


1. William H., b. 7/18/1870 Pawnee Co., NE

2. Edward R., b. 6/9/1875 NE

3. Fredrick I., b. 1/25/1877 NE

4. Everest N., b. 11/12/1879 NE

Note: William III, b. 1845, served as a Pvt. in Co. A, 58th IL Vol Inf. When he enlisted he made his Mark and someone wrote "Hough". He tried once to have it changed to "Huff", but was unsuccessful, so he spent the remainder of his life as Wm. Hough. I would welcome any info or comments on this family.

Submitted by: Richard Huff; 820 Kings Way; Madison, WI 53704-6081. QUERY: JOHN HUFF b. 1876, md. Sarah. Died Fredericktown, OH 1840. Lived NY circa 1795-1818. Call Dick Huff 608-249-0927.

Submitted by: Katherine Campell Brandon; P.O.Box 130; Cashiers, NC 28717-0130. Ph 704-743-5309. I am looking for any Huffs that descend from Atherton Huff of Kennebunkport, ME. Also information on my father's immediate family. He was Herbert Huff, b. in Me (?). He had a brother Melville and a sister Susan Adams Huff. Their mother was Susan (Adams) Huff. His parents moved from ME to MA and are buried there. Their burial location and my father's are unknown. Any help will be appreciated. Call 704-743-5309.

Submitted By: William H. Likens; 696 So. Miss. River Blvd.; St. Paul, MN 55116. Ph 612-699-8553. QUERY: Seeking info concerning ancestors and children of HENRY HUFF,aka HOFF, b. ca. 1738 "In America." Resided in Harpersfield, Cherry Valley, NY until Revolution, during which he served in Indian Department and as a Sergeant in Butler's Rangers. After the Revolution he went to Brent Co., Ontario and then to Dundas Co., Ontario. Will share what info I have and welcome more.

Submitted By: Paula Radwanski; RR1 Box 416; Tunkhannock, PA 18657-9435. Ph. 717-836-2945. QUERY: Need info on Joseph Huff, b. 1800 PA, d. 2/23/1875, buried St. John's Evan. Lutheran Church Cem., White Deer Twp., Union Co., PA. He md. Hannah ______ b. 1800 PA. Issue: Thomas; Mary C., md. George P. Steinrock; Angeline; Emeline; Catherine: George; Joseph; Phebe and Eliza. In 1850 Census in same household as above are Catherine Huff, aged 75 b. VA. and William aged 52 b. PA (believe to be mother and brother).

Submitted By: Doris Vanderscors; 717 New Hampshire; Marysville, MI 48040. QUERY: Need proof that Joseph Huff, living in Northumberland Co., PA in the 1790 Census (Later Lycoming, then Union Co.) had a daughter named Phoebe, b. abt. 1795/96. She md. David Bly. First child b. in 1814. Lived Washington Twp., Union Co., PA. Would appreciate any help on this problem. Ph 313-364-8344.

Submitted By: Richard F. Locke; 1559 St. Andrews Dr.; Redding, Ca. 96003-9799. QUERY: My third great-grandfather, George Hench, md. Maria Catherina Hoff on April 11, 1781 in Chester Co., PA. They were married by Pastor Henry Muhlenberg and the ceremony was entered in his journal, volume III, Page 413. Who were Maria Catherine Hoff's PARENTS?

Submitted By: Irene Taylor; 1126 So. Hwy 71; Neosho, MO 64850. QUERY: Seeking info on HENRY C. HUFF b. Loudoun Co., VA. Moved to Harrison Co., VA and bought property in 1802. Married Catherine Heardman (Hardman) on 6 Oct 1816, in Harrison Co.. Ch: Benjamin Turner, James W., Nicholas, Harriet, Thomas, Celia, Granville G., Margaret and A. J. Huff.

Submitted By Joanne M. Butterbaugh, 4930 N. Mtn. Trail; Tucson, AZ 85715.Need info on GEORGE HUFF/HOOF b. PA, md. Mary Zircle 5/30/1787. Moved to Rockingham Co., VA by Nov 1808, when dau Sarah born. Other ch: John, Catherine, George, Daniel and Jacob who md. Phoebe Ann Scothorn Dec 1834 in Rockingham Co.

Submitted By Marjorie Gray Holden; 312 Anna Ave.; Mountain View, CA 94043-4104 Ph. 415-967-2074. Seek birthplace and parents of Sylvanus Hough, b. c. Feb 1808, VT. Resided c. 1830-1860 Erie and Chattaraugus Co's., NY; after 1867 in CA; d. 25 Oct 1867 Contra Costa Co., CA. Also seek maiden name & parents of wife Aurilla; b. Jan 1815, Otsego Co., NY; d. 7 Jul 1889 Contra Costa Co., CA.


!! Notice!!

Several subscribers have recently received a letter from "Joe Huff" of Bath, Ohio announcing a "remarkable new Book about the Huffs about to be published," and you can have one for the pre publication price of $34.50. Be forewarned, this is not exactly what you would expect it to be. I have seen some of these on other families, and they consist of a few pages in the front on some Immigrants and other general genealogical data on some persons of that surname that is easily found in any Genealogical Library. The remainder of the book is a list of current persons of that surname that appears to be collected from Telephone Company "White Pages" across the country.

My own name appeared in an "earlier version" (?) of the Huff book with an address listed in Buffalo Texas.

Actually, I do have a Cabin near Buffalo, but I never registered an address nor received any mail there. I do have a phone listed and they apparently got my name from the Buffalo Phone Book. A researcher later told me he had written to me there twice, (as a result of that listing) with the letters returned as "Addressee Unknown."

Some may have a need for such a book, but they should not expect to find much in the way of Genealogical information. It may be a somewhat accurate listing of persons with your Surname in the U.S. that have a phone - but only those names that appear in a Phone book. The one I saw was sorted by Zip code.

Huff Families of Central PA.

I have started a project to sort the family lines of all the Huffs living in Central PA. during the period of 1790 to 1880. The counties involved are Northumberland, Lycoming, Clinton, Cameron, Union and Centre. I have enlisted the aid of Doris Vanderscors (a native of Lycoming Co.), as she is interested in those families also. All Census data for these counties and this period have been compiled into one document to have something to work from. Others interested in this effort should contact the Editor. I will send you what I have now, and the census list. It could be extended to other surrounding Counties if there is any interest. We should do the entire state someday, as many Huff/Hough families either immigrated to or passed through Pennsylvania.


Portrait of a Genealogist

1. Hides the telephone bill from the spouse, buys stamps by the roll, and gets mad at the mailman for bringing nothing genealogical.

2. Plods through cemeteries looking for tombstones - braving rain, icy winds and poison ivy.

3. Collects papers full of possible information until the end of the house where they are stored sags - not a scrap can be thrown away.

4. Dislikes others who drown on about their family tree, likes anyone who is researching one of his lines, and likes to drown on about his family tree and findings.

5. Plans to get things organized and filed but never does. Instead he finds some justification for his knee-high filing system.

6. Can be described as a loner, a meditator, a clutter lover, a collector of coins for the copy machines, and an ardent student of history - especially migration routes of his forebears.

7. Argues that he gets enough exercise in stooping, bending over files and lifting boxes to the table.

8. Spends money on gas instead of clothes, buys paper by the ream, envelopes by the hundreds, expensive books, loose-leaf notebooks, subscriptions to obscure county publications, and some even buy copy machines and computers.

9. Will learn more than just bare facts from "digging" into their past; such as perseverance, patience, logic, tolerance, and respect for those who were here before.

10. Will soon realize that they should have started sooner and that they will have to live to be a hundred to finish the job. Counting themselves as number one, in ten generations they will find 1,024 ancestors. This is part of the fascination of genealogy - it is never finished.

(From the Clay Co., WV; Clay Co. Landmarks and Hist. Society, Spring 1991.)


John S. Huff

Born Sep 9, 1846, White Deer, Union Co., PA. Died Mar 3, 1919, Cook Run, Noyes Twp., Clinton Co., PA. Served as Pvt. in Co I 202nd Pa Vol. Inf. from 23 Aug 1846 at Brady Twp, Union, Co., PA to 3 Aug 1865 at Harrisburg, PA. Received Pension 1,065,225 and lived in Clinton Co., PA in Beech Creek and Keating twps after 1867. On 28 Sep 1868, md. Mariah Jane Wadsworth. Children:

1. James Leonard, 6 Jun 1869

2. Minnie Catherine, 22 Nov 1870 - 6 Dec 1872.

3. Charles Brady, 26 May 1872 - Jan 1873.

The 1870 Census for Keating Twp, Clinton shows John 25, Jane 24 and "Baby" Huff 1.

Jane died 17 Jul 1873 at Wistar, Clinton Co. She and children Minnie and Charles died within 6 months. Reasons unknown.

On 3 Oct 1876 at Lock Haven, Clinton, Co.; John S. md. (2) Margaret Catherine Hayes (13 Jan 1854 Centre Co., PA - 25 Jun 1949 PA. Children:

4. William Wallace, 14 May 1877

5. Ada Aletta, 1 Oct 1878

6. Laura Bertha Henrietta, 7 Nov 1879

7. Clyde Arthur, 18 Dec 1881

8. Clare Ida Viola, 5 Jul 1884

9. Margaret Catherine, 19 Apr 1886

10. John Weldon, 2 Nov 1887

11. Ernest Eugene, 17 Apr 1890

12. Victoria Blanch, 17 Jul 1894

Margaret C. Huff received pension XC 2,699,008, for John's service.

The 1860 Census for Brady Township, Lycoming Co. shows a John Huff, age 14, living with his father James 43; mother Mariah 43; sisters Cecilia 11 and Margretta 1; and brother Henry 4. The same family is also in the 1850 census in White Deer, Union Co. as James 30, Mariah 30 and the only child is Cecilia 1. John is not listed, so he may not be a child of this family; although no other John of his age, can be found in White Deer or surrounding Counties.

John, Mariah, Minnie and Charles are all buried in the Keating Cemetery.


Map Software

For those that own a Computer with a CD Rom drive, I want to recommend a very interesting program. It is MAP EXPERT, by DeLorme Mapping of Freeport Maine.

Their first effort was a CD Rom called STREET ATLAS. I bought it when it first appeared and have spent more time with it than any other program - other than the one I am using to assemble this newsletter. It uses a database assembled by the Dept. of the Census for the 1990 Census called Tiger Maps. It essentially contains ALL streets, roads, highways and waterways in the U.S. Even unmarked and unpaved roads and trails seem to be there. You can search by Place Name, Zip code or Phone Number. It offers a zoom feature with scales down to 1 inch equals 500 feet. With that, you can zoom in to a particular BLOCK on a street. It doesn't show houses or buildings (other than places of general interest) but you can certainly see your block on your street.

I have probably revisited every place I have ever been in my life with this software. Needless to say, maps are of high interest to genealogists; so I think it was made to order for us.

Now they have come out with a second edition, called MAP EXPERT. I believe it uses the same database, but it has a number of enhancements. For one thing, it now allows you to print out a very decent map of a selected area on your printer. The first version had no capabilities for printing, other than a screen dump - by the way, it runs under Windows. Now you can select an area, choose a scale of your preference, MAKE ANNOTATIONS ON THE MAP, and print it. It's very nice to be able to make your own genealogical notes and labels on a professional quality map of your ancestors township or homesite. (Township boundaries are shown as doted lines but not labeled.)

The original version, Street Atlas, can be found for under $75. (remember, it doesn't offer annotation or print very well.) The new program is Map Expert is being sold direct from DeLorme for $299. They can be reached at 207-865-1234, or PO Box 298; Freepoort, ME 04032.


This Newsletter is published six times per year by: Max K. Huff, 1746 Maux, Houston, TX 77043-3318. I can also be reached by Email on Compuserve as Max K. Huff, 72160,501. Home phone is 713-461-8718 (after 6 PM).